Rattus Rattus Fantasizes is a sketch that is used in Horrible Histories.

Gladiator SchoolEdit

Gladiator School is a Rattus Rattus Fantasizes sketch in Series 1 Episode 1.


It starts out with everyone doing their schoolwork until they teacher comes in, where they pretend to be fighting. The teacher stops that and tells all of them to do their assignments from the previous day. Which seems to be math. With assignments like:

  • How many criminal heads you could chop off in one contest

And then, a student asks when they're going to fight in the collusseum. And the teacher says it is too dangerous. And they carry on. And then the bells rings, and everyone packs up violently.

Signs by Rattus RattusEdit

  • "A 'Retarius' fought with a trident and a net"
  • "A 'Venator' fought against wild animals"


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