George I: I took ze frone of England, Just cuz' I was Protestant, A German Prince whose English stank, King George Number Vun

George II: I liked to argue, now that's clear, Especially with my father here, And when he died of diarrhoea, I fought with my son.

George III: I broke Records, With my sixty year reign.

George IV: And I broke the scales, With my giant Frame.

All: Born to Rule over you, King George

George IV: Four,

George III: Three,

George I: Vun

George II: And two.

All: You had to do what we told you to, Just because our blood was blue.

George I: I was a hunk, Girls adored me, Ladies all, swooned before me, ey would do, anything for me, Or I'd have zeir husbands killed.

George II: Had a war, With Prince Charles Bonnie.

George III: Everyone said that I was f-f-funny.

George IV: I spent everyone's money.

All: Our subjects were not thrilled.

George I: I was the sad one.

George II: And I was the bad one.

George III: I was the mad one.

George IV: And I was the fat one.

All: We were Born to rule over you, Georges

George I: Vun,

George III: Three,

George IV: Four

George II: And two.

Georges III & IV: England's Kings,

Georges I & II: Though we were German too,

George IV: Him,

George I: Then Him,

George III: Then Me,

Georges I, II & III:Then you.

George IV:(We were born)

Georges I, II & III: Born to rule over you,

George IV: (Born to rule!)

George I: Gorged on fruit, Zen I died on ze loo!

George II: People hated us,

All: And we hated them too,

Georges III & IV: Born to rule over you.

Georges I & II: Born to rule over you,

George III: Me I was as batty as a bonkers kangaroo.

George IV: Me I would have been more at home in a zoo,

All: And now, our song, is through.

Yeah... Georges

George III: (Banana!)