The Song is sung by Charles Darwin (played by Matthew Baynton). The man in the ape costume is played by Jim Howick. It is about Darwin's theory of Natural Selection. It is a parody of David Bowie's song 'Changes' and aired in S04E02


Mmmm yeah.
Mmmm yeah.

People thought all animals,
Arrived here unrelated.
The world began, and then came man,
All perfectly created.

But then someone looked up a tree,
And said "That monkey looks just like me!"
So it really was a mystery,
What I'd learned in natural history!

So I joined HMS Beagle,
Watched the eagle and the seagull.
We studied rocks and plants,
Flowers, trees and bees and ants, Slept on hammocks without pillows,
Eating rats and armadillos,
Till I realised on reflec-tion,
It's nat-ur-al sel-ec-tion!

Mmmmmm, yeah.

Natural selection means,
Each animal evolved,
To blend with it's surroundings,
Ch-ch-changes were involved

So birds with different foods to seek.
Seemed had developed different beaks, And over time they'd modified,
So just the fittest of them all survived!

On the Isles of Galapagos,
I noted the giant tortoise,
Had interesting shells,
And I rode on them as well.

Iguanas land and swimming,
Meant my new theory was winning,
It all led in the direc-tion
Of nat-ur-al sel-ec-tion.

My findings met with outrage,
From the ch-ch-ch-ch-church of England,
And from me. The idea that we came from ch-ch-chimps,
Questioned my own Christianity,
But it was hard to disagree!

Every species new mutation,
Had a perfect explaination,
It seems the world's inception,
Must predate common perception, And if lack of adaptation,
Miss a fatal limitation,
So each creature's imperfection,
Over time gets a correction, Meaning animal collections,
Grow unique means of protection,
And to fail nature's inspection,
Means immediate rejection,
Which all leads to the detec-tion,
Of nat-ur-al sel-ec-tion!
Nat-ur-al sel-ect-ion!