The Black Spot is the first Putrid Pirates sketch in Series 1 Episode 1.


It starts at the Carribean about 300 years ago when a pirate is sitting down in an eating area and sees a person wearing a false beard which is his friend. And he keeps thinking everything is the black spot. At the end, his friend has the black spot


  • Pirate: Daggers? Daggers? Is that you, you salty seadog?

  • Pirate: But he's a fellow pirate, he wouldn't just kill you, he'd have to warn you first, by sending you, (close up on his face) A LITTLE NOTE!
  • Daggers: No, I think you mean by sending me (closes up on face) THE BLACK SPOT!
  • Pirate: Yeah, pirate shorthand for "Were going ta kill ya!"

Rattus Rattus SignsEdit

  • "Getting the 'Black Spot' meant death!"


  • The black spot wasn't on the back of Daggers when he walked in.
  • "The Black Spot" is actually an entirely fictional literary device from Treasure Island.


thumb|300px|left|The full sketch